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About Graziella
Graziella Malagoni was born in Italy where she studied art, fashion, and economics. After immigrating to Canada, Graziella’s love for art brought her to study at the Winnipeg Forum Art Institute (1964-1965). In 1967 Graziella settled in Montreal at which time she continued her art studies: L’Ecole du Musée des Beaux Art (1967-1973), Fashion Design at L’Ecole des Métier d’Art (1976-1977), Peinture sur Soie at the Visual Arts Center (1980), Peinture sur Ceramique in Vietri ,Italy (1984), Etudes en Arts Visuels at the Saidye Bronfman School of Arts (1985-1990), Watercolours at the America-Steiner School of Art in Ghent, USA. From 1979 to 1997 Graziella created and produced in her atélier exclusive fashion with the “Graziella” label; always continuing to paint and to explore different art media. Graziella’s most recent endeavours have been exhibitions of her paintings on silk: Anima Mundi (Montreal 2005), Lovers of life Parade (Montreal 2009), Four Goddesses (CoSM USA 2010). Currently:   Silk has become one of Graziella’s preferred painting surfaces, an ideal vehicle for her creative process and visionary art expression. Her long time familiarity with the different qualities and weaves of the silk materials has allowed Graziella to develop unique technical procedures of hand painting on large pieces of transparent silk organza. In“Visual Narrative”, Graziella has been inspired by the apparent fragility and ephemeral quality which the silk imparts on the images : “Sumer, Peru” - the glory and the inexorable ending  of all great powers and civilizations, leading  to the “Tower of Silence” and “Burial Grounds”, to the continuous  movement of energy in “Spirals”, to the indomitable force of creation and  the rebirthing of life and its joys, hence “Lovers of Life Parade” …and ..we start again to the end of times…. Graziella most recently completed “Codex of Devotional Imprints in Time”, 60 Folia, 18”x24”, on handmade linen paper.  (click on images to enlarge)
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Graziella Malagoni Silk Painter Graziella Malagoni
Contact Graziella
Graziella Malagoni 2608 Augustin Cantin Montreal , Quebec H3K 1E1 514-483-3644 graziellamalagoni@gmail.com
Visit www.GraziellaMalagoni.com to view Graziella’s silk scarves.
About Graziella Malagoni Art Contact Graziella Malagoni